New Orleans Style in Spades

New Orleans Style in Spades

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It's always a treat to be able to feature the homes of people we know on our blog, and I've been particularly excited about sharing this one. When an old friend of mine sent me an article about his parents' home in New Orleans that was recently featured in a local magazine, I knew that I had to put it on MoS!

Their historic Uptown home was just gorgeous pre-Katrina, and then, unfortunately, disaster struck. The house was hit hard by the hurricane, such that the owners found themselves having to relocate all of their salvageable possessions to their fishing camp a few hours away while they attempted to rebuild the home. They could see the sky through the roof in the kitchen- not a good thing. Then disaster number two occurred when lightning struck the fishing camp and it burned to the ground. All they were left with was their art collection, which they'd managed to store in a different location.

For most people, this would pose a nearly insurmountable challenge; not only were they tasked with rebuilding their house, but they also had to re-furnish it from scratch. I get heart palpitations just thinking about all of the logistics involved in this endeavor. But if there's any one who could pull this off without breaking a sweat, it's my friend's mother, who has boundless determination, purposeful vision, and as you will see, style in spades.

She chose a neutral palate for the house, and I love its soothing tones. Clearly she appreciates a good dose of leopard, which always gets a thumbs up from MoS.

I love the large blue and white ginger jars flanking the fireplace, which add that extra something special. 

An exquisite rug is the focal point of a neutral bedroom.

Another shot of the living room. I love the classic French lines of the table and the chair juxtaposed with the modern art. They work together in such harmony.

Another cozy room that makes wonderful and interesting use of neutrals. I think it's always good to be reminded that you don't need oodles of colors to make a huge statement.

The wood floors are original, but whitewashed.

And last but not least- I love this sophisticated porch with a black and white color scheme. The perfect place to relax with a glass of Pinot!

I know that's it's taken a long time for New Orleans to emerge from the aftermath of Katrina, and that some places probably still aren't back in the shape they should be in. So it's particularly nice to see historic homes like this emerge even better than before after plenty of labor, love and patience. Wouldn't you agree?

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