My Latest Project

My Latest Project

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Yesterday I picked up the most amazing vintage bamboo etagere that I purchased from a MoS reader. When she said she was selling it I jumped at the chance, since this style of furniture is so difficult to find in this area! I get a little restless when I don't have some sort of home decorating project in the pipeline, so this one should keep me sufficiently entertained for the next couple of weeks. 

Here's the bookshelf in its temporary resting place downstairs...soon it will be going upstairs...I just have to re-home my Ikea lack bookshelf first (which I love, but is just falling victim to my obsession with faux bamboo...if anyone out there is looking for a white lack bookshelf, shoot me an email!). 

Any ideas on color? I'm thinking coral...or black...of course there will be gold accents. Hmmm!

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