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Just a few photos from the showroom party at Motel.  You really can't go wrong with cupcakes, nail artists and pretty dresses so it was nice to browse the collection with their newest recruit Selina!  I loved the collared floral dresses, elbow patched knitwear and even a schoolgirl-esque tartan skirt and  also spied a gorgeous lace dress that I need to get my hands on.  It's so nice to get a sneak peak of next season's trends now and plan how to style them up; my need for a faux fur coat is pretty much decided!

motel knitwear

the broken hearts djs
Fully coordinated DJs, The Broken Hearts

motel dresses

aztec wah nails
This photo is not my own, it would've been pretty impossible to take...

I luckily had a chance to get my Wah Nails did and went for the Aztec print.  Due to the short time span she could only paint a couple of nails with the design but after seeing how it's done I might have to attempt this with my own nail art pens.  Makes a nice change from leopard print, don't you think?

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