MoS Makeovers: Diary of a Bamboo Bookshelf Re-Do

MoS Makeovers: Diary of a Bamboo Bookshelf Re-Do

Style : I may not have any bad habits of the illegal kind, but I do have a vice that is turning me into a bit of a junkie nonetheless, and that's my obsession with faux bamboo. I decided that before my apt starts to resemble the Golden Girls abode, I'd better go cold turkey. But not before I got one more fix. When a MoS reader emailed me a pic of this bookshelf she was selling, I knew that it needed a good home, and that that good home would be casa de MoS. But it needed a bit of help.

A makeover timeline-

June 14th. Receive photos of said bookshelf from MoS reader. Giddy email correspondence with MoS Charlotte follows. Should I?

June 15th. Apparently I should. Committ to purchase, but unfortunately will be traveling too much to pick it up anytime soon. But at least it's something to look forward to...

July 8th. Meet seller's husband in the Giant parking lot in Arlington to purchase. Sit in my car for a few minutes scoping the parking lot for a gray hatchback. Have $60 cash in my hot little hand. Is this what it feels like to have a dealer? In any event, the shelf comes home with me. I can't get enough of the gorgeous detailing on this.

July 9th. I can tell this truly is vintage by what happens after a few swipes with my dust rag. Gross!

July 11th. Time to prime. Break out the Kills. This stuff is no joke. It will stick to anything, including your skin.

July 12th. Head to Ace to pick out a paint color. Thinking coral, because clearly I'm still in denial that I don't live in FL anymore among the retirees who originially owned this piece 50 years ago. Decide to go with the second to last color, Sun Dried Tomato.

July 12th. One coat of Sun Dried Tomato necessitates a paniced picture email to MoS Charlotte. This is WAY too light. Back to Ace, where unfortunately they have to re-formulate. I go with the last color on the card, plus 20% darker.

July 12th - 18th. Spend a few days painting. By hand. Not fun, not easy. Every time I look at it from a different angle there's a little crevice that I seem to have missed. Finally after 3 coats, it's as good as it gets.

July 18th. But it's missing something. Hmmm. Gold accents! Furiously apply gold paint one night and too consumed with getting it over with to even change the channel on the TV. So happen to "enjoy" an episode of Run's House while doing this. The one where his wife wants a singing career. I'm no Swizz Beatz but even I know that lady, it ain't gonna happen...

July 19th. Books and the like get placed back on. Decide it's way too cluttered. Need to ditch a few things.

July 20th. After a bit of editing, decide things look better. Loving the pop of color it brings to my room, which is otherwise very subdued with shades of navy, beige, and gold. It's sort of the color of lobster.

Pardon the half-upholstered chair in the picture; that's my next work-in-progress.

July 21st - present. I may have quit bamboo cold turkey, but let me tell you, I'm taking this one day at a time...

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