It's Always Thrifty in Philadelphia (Part I)

It's Always Thrifty in Philadelphia (Part I)

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As I mentioned the other day, when I went to Philly the other weekend, I decided to pop into a Goodwill I just happened to pass on the way back to I-95. After a string of no luck, I hadn't been in a thrift store in ages and wasn't expecting much. But at this Goodwill, I hit the jackpot. First I spied this vintage oversized brass lamp with the most awesome lines. Check. It's now sitting on my desk at home.

Next, as I blogged about Tuesday, I spied my beloved tole chandelier. 

It was at this point that I figured I'd better grab a cart. I might be here awhile!

A spin across the room led me to unearth this pair of vintage framed paint by numbers from behind a stack of ugly posters. While paint by numbers are hardly fine art, I love how they always have muted colors and tend to stick to chinoiserie themes. I've collected them when I find them on the cheap, so for $3.99 each, I had to grab these too. It's funny, because they look pretty faded here...

But when I got them home and took them out of the frame and cleaned the glass, it made a world of difference. I don't know where they had been sitting, but the glass was foul, both inside and out. The Windex turned brown when I sprayed it on! Eew. But needless to say, they look much better now! I haven't decided where to hang them yet.

This guy is the one that got away- this awesome MCM table. I was just dying over the lines of the legs. But I couldn't figure out anywhere I'd put it. As soon as I drove away I was kicking myself for not buying it.

I also thought this dresser was awesome. It's hard to tell what with all the stuff piled around it...

But I loved its cool asian handles. 

At the end of my visit my cart was piled high. Amazing what $30 can buy these days, huh??

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