Easy Flower Arranging

Easy Flower Arranging

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Arranging flowers has always intimidated me.  My grandmother has always arranged flowers beautifully, like nothing I've ever seen before.  But she spends hours and hours on each arrangement, and I just don't have that kind of time.  Or patience.   However, I don't think anyone can make the case that flowers that haven't been arranged look very good.  When you get a dozen roses and throw them straight into the cheapo free florist vases we all have sitting in our cabinets, they seem like an afterthought.  But if you cut the stems and group them together in a pretty cachepot or vase, it makes all the difference in the world.

I made my first attempt at arranging flowers for baby boy's baptism lunch.  The hydrangeas in our yard were blooming (we used hydrangeas in our wedding 5 years ago, making them that much more special for his baptism), so I decided to use hydrangeas on the tables. 

There are a variety of colors on the bush right off our kitchen.  I'm not sure why they are different colors- something to do with the soil, I think. 

I clipped a few stems to use in the first arrangement.

Next, I selected a vase.  I ended up using a blue and white Herend cachepot.  I never get tired of blue and white, and it's nice to use an opaque container so you don't have to worry about all the stems being perfect.  Although I've never been a big flower arranger, somehow I have amassed quite a collection of cachepots.  I love them and buy them way too often.

To anchor the stems in the cachepot, you have a few options.  You can use oasis (the green foam), but you have to soak it overnight so that it's full of water and doesn't float to the top when you fill up your vase.  You can use a floral frog, but you still have to find a way to keep the frog at the bottom of the vase, which usually involves some green floral tape.  I had this silver flower arranging disk from another cachepot, and I knew it would make it really easy to put stems in the holes and keep them from moving around or floating to the top when I added water.

I wish I knew what this is called, but I don't.  However, it makes flower arranging SO much easier.

I had seen a flower arrangement that incorporated citrus fruits in a magazine, so I thought pretty green limes would look nice with my hydrangeas. 

I bought some basic wooden skewers and cut them to be the same length as my hydrangea stems.  I then stabbed one in each of my limes.  I used 3 limes for this small arrangement.

I started by adding a hydrangea to the cachepot.

I then added two more, for a total of 3 stems.

Then I added my limes on skewers.

Limes and hydrangeas alone weren't enough.  The arrangement was still a little too bare, so I went to the yard and cut some ligustrum.  Love it or hate it, ligustrum has pretty waxy green leaves and little white flowers.

It smells great too, which is nice since hydrangeas don't have much of a scent!

The ligustrum filled in any gaps, but I still had to even things out.

After a few more adjustments, the arrangement was ready to go!

I am pleased with the result!  It really was so easy and inexpensive as well, since everything but the limes came from my yard!

Feeling liberated from my flower arranging fears, I used the same principles to arrange some inexpensive white roses as well.

It was just as easy!

Isn't the green and white so refreshing?!

If you are intimidated by flower arranging, don't be!  These arrangements are so quick and inexpensive, and they look so much better than just putting flowers straight into a vase.  I am certainly no Eddie Ross, but if you don't have a lot of time or a huge budget, all you need are some inexpensive stems of hydrangeas or roses and some limes!

Have a great weekend!

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