Easy & Chic Wastebasket Makeover

Easy & Chic Wastebasket Makeover

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I can claim no credit for today's post- it comes courtesy of my creative friend and neighbor who whipped up the most darling decorative wastebasket with nothing more than leftover fabric and a little bit of trim. And did I mention it's no-sew? I can't think of a better way to use up leftover fabric...I might be trying this this weekend! Without further ado, here's the rundown she provided...

1.  I purchased a basic waste-basket at the Container Store.  However, since I always like to use a bag to line them, I also purchased a smaller one to go inside and the larger one has a nice cover (see last photo).

2.   I used the same fabric that I used to make a small window treatment for my bathroom (below).  I measured my fabric and ironed it.  I then used a glue gun to fold the top part under to create a nice rounded edge. 


3.  I glued the fabric all the way around the top and down one side.


4.  I then worked my way around the bottom of the basket  - tucking and glueing as I went around.


5.  As I was near the end, I folded the side under to glue over the first side to create a fairly neat edge.  


6.  Lastly, I glued the trim around the top and bottom, making sure that the seams of the trim matched with the side seam so that there is definitely a back side to the basket.  This works fine because I placed the waste-basket in a corner in my bathroom.

And there you have it! One little thing she wanted me to point out- while she was making the basket she kept it at eye level. But since you'll typically be looking at it from a higher angle when it sits on the floor, she'd suggest making sure that the top trim is a touch about the top of the basket for a neater look from a standing position (rather than just even with the top)!

So here's her adorable wastebasket- I love the creative solution of getting one with an insert so as to hide the liner. 


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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