Dying to See More Missoni For Target!

Dying to See More Missoni For Target!

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As Raina wrote about here, the new August Vogue gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming Missoni for Target line!  They have done quite a job keeping photos of the line on the hush hush- the only pictures I have found other than those published in Vogue were grabbed by a member of the papparazi at the Missoni for Target photoshop and are "unofficial" (although we hope they are the real deal because they look fab!!!). 

Here are a couple "official" glimpses from Vogue...

I'm sure once the line comes out, people are going to cry foul that the quality isn't the same as what you would get from the main Missoni line or even M Missoni, or that it's going to water down the brand.  But let's face it- for 1/10 of the price, what do you expect?  It's not going to be made in Italy.  It's not going to be perfectly lined and hand sewn.  Although I haven't loved all the styles from the various Target designer collaborations, I do think they generally deliver what is intended- the designer look at a very affordable price. 

I can't wait to see more!  I have a feeling this is going to be one of those lines that sells out really quickly and ends up on eBay for some big bucks.  And remember that even if your Target is cleaned out by the time you get there, you can likely find some great pieces at a Target in a neighboring small town where Missoni isn't as popular as Merona...  The line debuts on September 15! 

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