DIY Nursery Art Inspired By Lilly Pulitzer

DIY Nursery Art Inspired By Lilly Pulitzer

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In a Lilly boutique on a trip earlier this year, I fell in love with the wall of framed vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics.  The vintage patterns are so chic and fabulous, so when I decided to take baby girl's nursery in a Palm Beach direction (with a little inspiration and encouragement from my mom), I decided the room really needed a touch of Lilly!

Wouldn't you know that it was easy to find a set of vintage Lilly fabric squares (from eBay of course!).  I ordered them and anxiously waited for their arrival.

A pair of these large white lattice frames had been sitting in my attic for ages.  Loving the frames, I bought them at a thrift store for around $3 each and scrapped the ugly "artwork" inside them. 

I used white craft paper as the background for the vintage fabric squares.

Going through the thick stack of vintage fabric squares to decide which ones to use was so much fun!  I had purchased 80 squares and only needed 20 for my project, so I really got to pick and choose.  

 Before I glued anything, I wanted to nail down the pattern and spacing.  I probably could have been more precise and used a ruler or level, but I just eyeballed it.

The final layout....

I used basic fabric glue to affix the squares to the craft paper.  The glue dries clear and doesn't show through the fabric at all.

Since the squares are so lightweight, I just had to use a tiny dot of glue in each corner of each square.

All glued on and ready to frame!

I placed the craft paper with the squares face down in the frame and just re-used the original cardboard backing.  It couldn't be easier!

Finished!  I think the beachy white lattice frame is a perfect pair for the vintage Lilly squares.

After trying it different places in the nursery, I decided to hang it over the crib.  Admittedly I'm a little nervous about hanging a picture frame that could potentially fall into the crib, so I made sure to secure it really tightly to the wall.  Short of an earthquake, it should be in good shape. 

The framed fabric adds some fun punchy color to the big wall in the nursery.  I also added a hot air balloon mobile that I absolutely love!  Stay tuned for a full nursery reveal in the next few weeks!

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