A few degrees makes all the difference...

A few degrees makes all the difference...

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So I'm back in London and surrounded by a Sea of Suitcases (perhaps a potential new blog name) due to some serious splurging whilst overseas.  It hasn't really sunk in that I'm home, but I've mainly been getting over the jetlag and catching up with British TV rather than dressing up.  It doesn't help that my camera decided to break during my last week, so whilst it's being fixed, here are a few Williamsburg outfit pictures taken by awesome photographer Rachel.

 Playsuit, bag - Vintage via Brooklyn Flea (bought during this post)
Belt - Vintage via Angels (actually broke this whilst eating one of those huge deli burritos, but it luckily still fits)
Shoes - Doc Martens
Necklaces - Brooklyn and more Brooklyn Flea, could this outfit get any more Brooklyn?  How I miss that place

 Shirt - Primark
Bralet - Urban Outfitters
Hareems, Bracelet - Topshop
Sandals - Steve Madden
Necklaces, bag - as before
Sunnies - H&M

I was desperate for cooler weather whilst in New York and now I've got my wish!  Of course the previous bare-legged and zero cover-up look won't really do and I'm looking forward to wearing a few light layers complete with tights or knee highs once my unpacking is complete.  I've collected a few looks that would for the British 'summer' to get me inspired and I'm looking forward to trying some London outfit posts (there is now an area in my house with a clean white wall) once my camera is fixed.  What have you been wearing for the 'summer' where you live?  Is it as temperamental as the UK?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I'm still thinking that prices are in dollars and can see myself overspending massively!

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