What about those ends?

What about those ends?

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How do you handle your loose ends? Whether you are a knitter or crocheter I hope you would take the time to properly weave them in. This has been an ongoing discussion on one of the list I belong to today. Some of the members really have bizarre methods that they use. Here are some of the preferred methods:
  • "I use a little fabric glue when I finish them in to avoid their coming back out in the wash"
  • "I never spend time weaving in ends because I hold the tail next to the chain I'm working on and crochet right over it. Isn't that what you do when you weave them in? Makes sense to me..."
  • "Personally - I'm a knotter. I know many are horrified at the idea of knotting, but I'm more horrified at the idea of actual stitches coming undone in the middle ofmy project!"

There were more, but I felt a migraine coming on from reading them.

Since I brought it up, I know you are wondering how I weave my ends. As daunting as it is, I use a tapestry/yarn needle to weave mine for both crochet and knitting. I have yet to have something unravel. (knock-on wood)

Making progress...

Time to get back to this tunic before it's absolutely to hot for it. I got the sleeves going this morning. This is my first time working with set-in sleeves. I decided to knit them both at once. I had never heard of such a thing until I read Wendy's blog. I love learning new tricks especially when it's time saving.

This evening I have to take Mikaela to a birthday party at the Y. It's an indoor pool party. It's so hot today that it could have almost been an outdoor pool party -- 83 degrees! I hope it's not misconstrued as me being rude, but I'm taking my knitting with me!

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