Thursday's Cheap and Chic

Thursday's Cheap and Chic

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I recently purchased this cheetah top and wore it last weekend.  Several people who are "in the know" about these sorts of things asked me if it was Tory Burch.

Try Merona...  For $18 at Target.  You can buy it here!  It is so cute in person- has tiny lattice trim around the neckline and around the hem.  It is a little bit blousy, so it looks cute paired with skinny pants. 

I wore it with my BCBG Mason Denim Leggings.  These pants are so flattering- I highly recommend them.  They are made of denim (not legging material that looks like denim), and it has just the right amount of stretch.  They are skinny but not skin-tight.  And they are long enough for my very long legs (if you aren't as tall, they might bunch a little around the ankles which is cute too).

Since it is still August and temperatures here in Charlotte are pushing 100-degrees every day (yes, I was probably pushing Fall a bit with this outfit), I added a turquoise necklace (mine was an oldie but goodie from Banana Republic, but I just love this one below):

And some black flat sandals like these (CRAZY good sale on these by the way!):

So run to Target and pick up that cheetah top!  It is adorable and will be a great piece to transition your wardrobe into Fall!

While you are there, pick up this cute tote for $13 too!

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