The Weather Is Here

The Weather Is Here

Style : Greetings from Boca Grande, FL. Things here move at a slightly slower pace than anywhere else, as I observed on the way to dinner last night.

Not to mention, the evenings are a bit more scenic...

And the sunsets a tad more memorable.

I'm thinking of introducing golf cart transportation and to-go cups of wine  into my nightly repitoire once I get back. How would that go over on Wisconsin Ave?

I took a little cruise around town yesterday evening and photographed some of my favorite homes...or, to be more precise, my favorite gates. Homes here, especially the ones close to town, have the most beautiful gateways, most often with lovely landscaping surrounding them. Forget about the overwraught affairs that you're used to seeing on the Real Housewives. These are all charm. 

A few of my favorites... 

In town, the "Snook Nook."

Just love this entire house.

The Methodist church may have the prettiest landscaping...

But the Catholic church has the most beautiful gates.

Even the fire department is charming.

A gorgeous Spanish-style home.

A weathered gate with a fabulous hedge.

Double gates, in an English-inspired style.

Loved the pineapple finials on this gateway.

The only beachfront dog park I've ever seen...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and hopefully taking a relaxing summer vacation! If you can't beat the heat in Washington, there's always Florida...

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