The Plate Wall

The Plate Wall

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Growing up in the South, every house I ever saw had at least two plates proudly displayed on a wall.  Some people hang plates that were purchased solely for the purpose of hanging them on a wall.  My favorite plate walls, however, display plates that hold some special meaning.  Did Great Aunt Margaret leave you some plates that aren't really what you want to eat dinner on every night?  Why not hang a huge grouping of them on the wall? While traditional in nature, plate walls can be quite modern when grouped appropriately.

My favorite home ever featured in a magazine was Janet Gregg's downtown Charleston home in Cottage Living.  Her house is very small, around 1000 sf, but she made every inch count and did so beautifully.  Her dramatic plate wall surrounding a gilded chinoiserie mirror is truly so inspiring.  She used wall brackets, urns, and plates turned sideways to add a touch of the unexpected to her wall.

Cottage Living

And who can forget Charlottean Laura Vinroot Poole's swoonworthy Hermes Balcon de Guadalquivir plate wall designed by Barrie Benson?  I keep telling my husband he needs to buy me these plates, since we met and eventually were engaged beside the Guadalquivir in Sevilla.


Plates in a bedroom?  It adds a touch of country cozy to this otherwise modern bedroom!

Courtney Giles

This wall proves that there is power in numbers.  What a fresh approach for adding visual interest to a wall!

Viceroy Hotel

The symmetry of this plate wall is such a fun modern interpretation.

D Sharp Studio

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this free-form (yet meticulously designed) plate wall is a feast for the eyes.

Photo by Reese Dixon via Pink Street Design

If your style is more traditional, check out the work of Washington designer Kelley Proxmire.  Her rooms are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and she loves to decorate with plates.  Here, a grouping of plates adorns a mantle.

Kelley uses them above the nightstands flanking this beautiful bed as well.


And of course, plate walls blend seamlessly into a country home.

This free-form cluster of plates adds a touch of the unexpected to this country kitchen.

House and Home

What a simple way to add some style to a dining room wall.  This wall of white plates is sophisticated and stylish.

Photo via Posh Pieces

Do you have a plate wall in your home?  Tell us about it!  And have a great weekend!

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