The MoS Library: Take Ivy

The MoS Library: Take Ivy

Style : Can you believe the school year is about to begin? In the coming weeks, thousands of co-eds will flock to leafy campuses in coming weeks, all decked out in their college best. I think a fabulous gift for any college-bound student, especially the men, would be a copy of the book Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida. Originally published in 1965, vintage copies of this book go for upwards of $1,000 (trust me, I've looked everywhere and can't find a copy for much less), but is being re-issued and now can be had for a reasonable $14.97 come August 31st.

Take Ivy is a collection of photographs captured on Ivy League campuses by a Japanese photographer and three Japanese writers. When published in Japan in 1965, it spurred a frenzy of demand for American "trad" style.

I love the idea that these photographs represent a time before madras/topsiders/rugby shirts were elements of mass-market fashion that could be found in most any mall store. Rather, they were just what everyone wore. And socks with shorts were de rigour. And madras shorts weren't baggy monstrosities from Abercrombie.

In the studied way of the Japanese, the authors wrote, that  "Ivy Style" is "not simply about Madison Avenue, Brooks Brothers, modern jazz and folk songs. They do play a part in defining 'Ivy' as a whole, but each of them is only a peripheral component.... In order to understand the spirit of 'Ivy', you must appreciate and master all aspects of American East Coast culture."


I love the glimpses of slim, almost highwater khakis that you see in these photos. You can usually see a good bit of sock. And shorts must hit above the knee.

Penny loafters are a must for everyday wear. And I can't help but notice- not a flip flop in sight.

I'll need to add this to my Amazon wish list! Because if I can't go back to college, I can at least admire the clothes...

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