Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs

Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs

Style : Suzanne Kasler has launched her newest collection for Ballard Designs and a few of the pieces have caught our eye. Here are some of our favorite interiors from the Atlanta-based designer. 

Love the blue walls and the pair of curvy mirrors here.

A gorgeous, tranquil bedroom done in shades of blue. And love the idea of a chandelier in the bedroom!

Tall crystal obelisks add some dimension to this glamorous table. 

From Kasler's collection for Ballard, we like the clean lines and leather handle of the Dressage Bucket

She's offering this set of Architectural Models...

That look very similar to the ones she used on this mantle. 

Of course we love the Atlier Antler- and they are made of resin for those squemish about animal products.

The Sauvignon Mirror would look lovely in a more casual dining area.

She also offers an assortment of gold starburst mirrors, and we particularly like Vintage Inspired Mirror #4

The Jacque Bracket really pops against a printed background.

Have you checked out the Suzanne Kasler collection for Ballard? Ordered anything? Tell us!

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