Striped Carnivale Pillow from Z Gallerie!

Striped Carnivale Pillow from Z Gallerie!

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One of our go-to resources for affordable home decor is Z Gallerie.  There is a store located here in Charlotte at Northlake Mall, and I frequently peruse their website, looking for fun odds-and-ends for my home.  My favorite new accessory is this velvety striped Carnivale Pillow.

My family room doesn't get a ton of natural light, so gradually I have been taking steps (some bigger than others) to brighten up the room.  First, I took a big step and replaced my sofa with one covered in this fabric

The baby was a big step too.  He likes the new sofa.

On the opposite wall I added a grouping of el cheapo mirrors that I blogged about here to reflect the light from the windows. 

While the new sofa and mirrors helped, the heavy wooden chair and needlepoint pillows made the room feel a bit stuffy and traditional.

So I swapped out the dark wooden armchair for my ghost chair and traded the needlepoint for some stripey velvet-on-cotton!  The pillow is exactly what I needed to lighten up the space. Stripes are always chic, and I loved the texture that the velvet brings to the room. It is a 20-inch square, which is such a versatile size. My house is older and doesn't have huge rooms, so the scale of much of today's furniture and accessories feels too large. But this pillow is just the right size.

Truthfully, the quality is much better than I expected.  This is my first Z Gallerie pillow, and since its price point is similar to those of Pier 1 and Target, I was expecting the quality to be comparable to my pillows from those retailers.  But the quality of this pillow is head and shoulders above those.  For one thing, it is filled with a down blend, which is almost unheard of for a $25 pillow.  The fabric is soft yet durable, and the velvet cover zips off for cleaning.  The 20-inch square size is substantial but not overly large. 

If your room needs a bit of a pick-me-up, the Carnivale pillow just might do the trick!

And lastly, for the kind folks at the FTC that might be reading this post, this is the first time we have reviewed an item sent to us by a retailer, and we want to make sure we are abiding by 16 CFR 255 and any other trade regulations imposed upon bloggers in this situation.  Thank you to Z Gallerie for sending this pillow my way to review for Matters of Style!

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