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I've been hearing a lot of buzz around the blogosphere lately about Society Social and wandered on over to their website the other day. Any company that uses the tagline "we're bringing the bar cart back" can do no wrong by me. And in terms of bar carts, Society Social definitely lives up to its promises. It offers a whole slew of styles and colors at a great price point. What's more, their website is really a fest for the eyes- they style everything gorgeously- it's really inspirational.

My favorite of the bunch is, unsurprisingly, the Stanton. It's faux bamboo; it's gold; 'nuff said. But what I am really dying over is that amazing leopard print hanging over the cart. Fab.

Next up is the the Madison Mixer, a unique combo of gold bamboo and a contrasting tray that comes in several color combinations.

The Draper is a bit more urban and comes in a variety of faux croc finishes. I love this picture because I have a brass crab exactly like that!

The Hostess is a lot of fun too- this comes in every color of the rainbow, but the orange spoke to me for some reason.

They also offer a few pieces of upholstered furniture at superb prices. Would you ever guess The Marilyn Sofa is $749. It's gorgeous. They have an accompanying arm chair that is also equally well priced.

And of course, don't forget the hostess gown (I would seriously love to bring those back).

Whether you're in the market for a bar cart or just want some tips on arranging one you already own, something tells me you'll love perusing Society Social!

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