Shopping mum's closet

Shopping mum's closet

Style : Being at home for the summer, makes me realise that my Mum has got some lovely bits in her wardrobe. She's quite the canny shopper, with a lot of stuff from the 80s (though a lot of it she gave away, long before these thrifty times) and although I can't reveal her true sources, she is currently the best at finding designer stuff for less. Thing is, due to me being slightly careless with stuff when I was younger, she won't let me borrow a lot of it.

Being the bag obsessed person I am, I am just itching to borrow this Fendi number that she recently bought. Sadly I can't, as she thinks I'm going to stain it somehow. Nothing I say can convince her, so I'm reduced to taking pictures with it in my room instead.

I also love her selection of vintage belts. Fourtunately I managed to pick a load up at the Angels sale, but she still has a few of my faves, namely the mock-croc and snakeskin styles. She can sniff out leather at ten paces.

Somehow I managed to convince her to let me have this cardigan. She's had it a while, meaning to alter it to fit better, but I've just realised that I love it's slouchiness and all the beading detail is really impressive. It's so cosy and warm and will be great to chuck over dresses when the British Winter kicks in. So it's me 1, Mum 263? We'll see if I can find something else anytime soon; it's certainly cheaper.

I wish i made these, image from here, used to have a few followers, now I have 30!

On another note, I am so pleased at reaching 30 followers! It may have not have happened as quickly for me as other blogs, but I'm still proud of how my readership has grown. There's an awful lot of choice out there, and it's easy to forever compare yourself, but it's important to just concentrate on things closer to home. So I'm really thankful for every commenter, follower and subscriber who visits my blog. A lot of people seem to find it via Google, and I'm amazed at what people search for. With a name like 'I want you to know' brings lots of wants and desires, but I'm amazed that people click on it when they search for such random things. The ultimate referral was:

Procrastination is when I want to make a bag of tea
Being the fussy person I am, I don't actually drink tea, just coffee to make up for all those late nights that I seem to have.

Some other faves:

what size of shoes elly jackson wears
I have no idea! My post on La Roux obviously didn't have the answers.

primark jeggings and primark hareem pants
Nice to know so many bargain hunters are out there.

elyse "i'm going to new york
No idea why you might search for this, can someone please enlighten me?

i want to spend christmas 2009 in paris how much will it cost on a budget
I wish I knew! I hope my Parisian post helped; survived for 2.5 days on roughly 110 Euros. I'd love to go there for Christmas one day.

i know that that was something yes i do i know i want you song

My blog is actually named after a song, but unfourtuntely not the one above. I estimate I have listened to I want you to know by Charlotte Hatherley about 700 times, due to being lazy with my iTunes playlist. I thought it was a good name for a blog, as it is ambiguous yet direct. I had to add the 'it' to the URL, due to my preferred name being taken, but perhaps it takes on a whole new meaning.

for every bird a carried on my back i want the world to know what i know
There are no words...

Glad to see that my blog is being found in a variety of different ways, no matter how random. The wonders of the internet. Am trying to figure out the perfect redesign for Autumn/Winter. Let me know if you want to be linked up, as I'd love to find some new blogs to visit. Hope everyone's having a great week; I've been working all over the place...

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