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A couple of weeks ago (in the hubbub leading up to her Cotswolds wedding), I spotted a pic of Kate Moss online. The caption indicated that her shoes were "Pretty Ballerinas," a brand I'd never heard of. Say what you will regarding her personal life, but the woman can dress and I'm completely fascinated by pictures of her. Everything she wears has this mythical rock-chic/"oh this old thing" edge to of course I had to do a little googling about Pretty Ballerinas.

Pretty Ballerinas one...

Pretty Ballerinas two...

All of her young bridesmaids wearing Pretty Ballerinas

Unsurprisingly, Pretty Ballerinas specializes in just that- ballerinas! They have a completely amazing selection of flats...each style comes in a plethora of colors. It sounds like they're about to open a store in Beverly Hills, but otherwise their stores are all international (though you can order everything online, which is nice).

I can never say no to stripes. The Marilyn is the perfect summer shoe.

For a sensible yet chic work option, I love the square toed Kristen (which also comes in a zillion colors).

Love the Shirley in neon green and yellow...

Or the more demure champagne satin and beige leather.

The Lena seems entirely versatile with its pointy toe, making it a bit dressier than the others.

Has anyone ever ordered Pretty Ballerinas? I'm intrigued and would love to hear more!

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