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I have been a busy bee in the past few weeks; what do cider, cupcakes and palmistry have in common?  The Jacques Townhouse of course!  You might have read Susie's description of the temporary world housed near Warren Street in aid of Jacques cider, which motivated me to try and wangle some free places.  In order to market their drink to the tough female demographic, they created an whimsical space with elements of the surreal (grinning staff with tally-ho British accents) and stylish (a dressing room filled with eye-catching vintage) with decorative touches  by the likes of Cordelia Weston.  There were palm-readings, makeovers, photoshoots and dozens of smartly dressed staff to attend to every need as you worked through the three floors of the house. As a result of a slightly lingering look at the striped blue and white dress, the stylist thrust it at me and found shoes and accessories to match before I had my picture taken.  It's interesting when people tell me what to wear; I'm usually quite set in my ways and hard to convince though this was a welcome surprise.  How do you feel when you are (perhaps inadvertedly) styled by others?  Despite the experience, I would love to test out a similar look at Vintage at Goodwood next year as I'm rather jealous of all the pictures I've been seeing. Maybe Jacques could introduce another pop-up there?

Typical Blogger pose; the photographer scared me slightly as when he directed me, I managed to misunderstand every instruction!  I thought years of Next Top Model watching would've helped a little...

Gorgeous pom-poms in The Forest of Dreams 

Delicious cupcakes, which were continuously replenished...I could've easily ended up in double figures

 Reena joined me for this evening of cider and frolics; super-clear pictures via Jacques Facebook page

Last Saturday Reena invited Maria and I to the Aussie Colour Tribe party hosted at the swish Kingly Club near Carnaby Street.  It was mainly an event to learn about how best to deal with coloured hair (mine is dyed red but only visible in very specific lights) and to socialise in the presence of fashion and beauty bloggers.  I knew there would be stylists creating new hairstyles on the night and I hadn't really come prepared with any ideas, but Amber talked me onto a sideswept style giving the appearance of the ubiquitous 'uppercut'.  Although unsure at first, I was rather pleased with the result and aim to vary my limited hairstyle repertoire with a little more research.  Lesson learned over the course of these two events?  It's okay to let others give you some direction with your appearance...some of the time.

My new 'do' courtesy of Aussie

I actually didn't recognise Maria when I saw her due to the success of the Karen Elson getup.  Guess what?  I'm actually meant to be dressed as Rihanna!  I quickly called myself 'Primark Rihanna' due to the shoddiness of my 'costume'. My excuse? I had to come straight from a wedding...

I also met up with Rebecca again in East London to help her with some street style spotting.  As I'm quite comfortable with randomly approaching members of the public (due to retail employment and the odd bit of flyering), once the target was spotted, I would usually run up to them like a lunatic and a calm Rebecca would take the photo. Despite our intentions, the weather wasn't quite on our side (it poured) and we had to seek shelter in a random Thai restaurant. though she luckily managed to take some outfit pictures of me before I became a drowned rat.  I feel I look slightly sceptical in this photo partly (as evidenced with the Jacques experience) because I never know how exactly to respond when others take photos of me.  I either break into a goofy smile or....break into a goofy smile.  I almost never have the public pout down.

Jacket - Topshop
Lace shirt - Beacons Closet
Shorts - H&M
Belt - Angels Sale
Tights - Topshop (found in the sale for £1 but pretty pointless as they are now ripped beyond repair)
Boots - eBay
Bag - Brooklyn Flea

My new eBay boots came just in time; I'm obsessed with stacked heels at the moment and luckily found a pair.  See the photos I managed to take of Rebecca here (almost pressed the wrong button on her camera).  And if it isn't obvious by now, these two photos are courtesy of Rebecca.

I've been visiting Brick Lane for around six years now and the amount of vintage shops in the vicinity  has increased steadily, all with similar and somewhat overpriced fare.  The trek to the East End Thrift Store in Whitechapel is normally worth it and it was interesting to discover The Assembly on the top floor with beautifully organised wares.

Of course organisation comes at a price and many of the prices were on the high side, with the cheaper, less workable pieces languishing downstairs.  I couldn't help thinking whilst looking through the rails, that charity shop prices would be considerably less for the same sort of stuff, albeit less easy to find, though I did see some perfect capes for AW10.  I guess the prices of this sort of 'elevated vintage' are now comparable to the High Street, which is a shame considering it's humble origins but at least there is the 'one-off' element that appeals.  There is a rummage sale next weekend as well as Susie Bubble's Yard Sale, so I'm sure I'll end up visiting at least one of these events hopefully for some unexpected bargains.

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