MoS Goes Thrifting in South Florida

MoS Goes Thrifting in South Florida

Style : I spent a quick two days on the east coast of Florida last week during a visit with my parents. Before I came, I announced my intentions to go "thrifting" to my mother, who (understandably), doesn't normally hang out in the type of stores that necessitate a hefty dose of hand sanitizer after you leave. But lucky me, I have a mom who is as zealously devoted to MoS as I am. So she indulged me and took me to a few good thrift/used furniture stores around the Delray Beach and West Palm area. I don't have pictures of them all, but here are a few highlights.

Goodwill (1640 North Federal Hwy, Delray Beach)

I've passed by this Goodwill about a trillion times in Delray but haven't gone in in a while. It's housed in a very cool mid century modern type building that's painted yellow and purple.

Of course, what do I see first but these lovelies?? And they were about $22 each. I can see them painted a glossy black, or a snazzy lime green for a beach house. Letting go is so hard...

And letting go got even harder when I saw this fab little table with greek key inspired details.

I was dying to buy this vintage dress (it came with a matching cropped plaid jacket), but alas, it was not my size.

Got campaign?

Bethesda Bargain Box (12 Northeast 5th Avenue, right where it intersects Atlantic Ave)

Another Delray institution we hit up is the Bethesda Bargain Box. I don't think I'd ever been in before, but the place has been around for AGES (it benefits Bethesda Memorial Hospital, which happens to be where I was born). Atlantic Avenue (the "main drag" in Delray) has really changed in the last ten good ways and in annoying ways...but this type of store is definitely a holdover from the way things used to be.

I was captivated by this antique printers chest. It wasn't cheap by thrift store standards (about $425 I think), but I'll be kicking myself when Anthropologie features a knock off of this in their next catalog for $1,200!

I *tried* my hardest to get my mom to purchase this coffee table. Isn't it amazing? I think it was $60, tops.

And also wanted her to get this Bungalow 5-esque little end table. The shape and the details were amazing- loved the quatrefoil drawer pull!

These vintage sunglasses look JUST like the Chloe ones from last season, no?

My mom really wanted to buy this faux bamboo tiered console table, but was (rather rudely) told by the staff that it is NOT for sale. What, are they afraid they're not going to find another table so perfectly suited for displaying used wigs?

Well, after dragging my mom around to all these thrift stores, we *may or may not* have ended the day on a more civilized note by browsing some consignment stores in Palm Beach. Palm Beach consignment stores are sort of an oxymoron....after all, you probably won't find too many other consignment stores with a specially designated room for the Chanel. Consequently, they're still too rich for my blood, but always fun to browse. Last but not least, we popped into the summer sale at C. Orrico. Then off to the airport. Next time, I'm bringing a U-Haul!

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