J Crew does Fall (with a few laughs thrown in)

J Crew does Fall (with a few laughs thrown in)

Style : The J. Crew fall catalog hit mailboxes last week and I finally got around to sitting down and giving it a thorough read the other night. I also happened to go into a J. Crew store today and picked up an armload of pre-fall essentials- as usual this season does not disappoint!

Of course, you know that the MoS Girls are and shall ever be J. Crew devotees (team Jenna!). But, we couldn't help but notice a few (unintentionally) humorous elements of newest catalog...not to mention, I think that the intensely overstyled Crewcuts will need its own post one of these days. Here's a quick look at our picks and pans for fall.

1) Skinnygirl

J Crew's brought the Pixie and Minnie pants back in a major way- I bought this italian wool pair in super-flattering stretch wool- these will go anywhere. Also picked up the denim stretch pixie pants with front vertical zippers (not yet online) which I can already tell will be a going out staple once the weather turns cool.

I also LOVED this fierce zippered pair, though had to admit they were a bit less practical...they look great on though. Will keep them on sale watch...

2) Forget Zoolander

This dude stopped me mid page-turn. Is that Jesus? The guy from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes? Regardless, it's kind of a nice change from the usual can't-grow-a-beard hipsters they feature.

3) Are we doing this now?

Thigh-highs? Really?

Though I did like them here...

4) Marabou Coup

I have to applaud J Crew for their innovation...normally when one thinks of marabou this is the first thing that comes to mind...

But this marabou jacket is incredibly awesome! Looks like a hipper version of fur. Sold out online, even at $1200 a pop.

5) Party like it's 1997

I did a double take when I saw that J Crew is offering Addidas Sambas for men and children. These remind me soooo much of high school...perhaps the World Cup has brought soccer-inspired fashion back to the forefront, but gah, all they do for me is bring back flashbacks of my 11th grade boyfriend! What's next- will J Crew be peddling Oasis CD's?

6) Bass Flashbacks

In elementary and middle school, I had a strict uniform dress code...back to school usually meant a trip to the Bass outlet where I picked out new penny loafers or bucks. I get nostalgic over that green Bass tag that bedecked the side of all their shoes! Thus I am just DYING to see some hipster walking down the street wearing these GH Bass penny loafers (and these are women's, believe it or not). It all comes full circle...

And Jesus is even modeling bluchers, also a staple of my elementary school wardrobe. (Am I the only one who thinks of David Spade here? "America's favorite president." "Who is Ronald Regan?" "A casual shoe for yachting." "What is a blucher?")

7) Glasses Galore

I'll admit it, the "geek glasses" trend is really growing on me. I have total glasses envy- I've never had to wear them and I am just DYING for a pair (though not necessarily for the vision impairment that necessitates them). I love this variation in tortoise. Can't find them online yet though...but these are GREAT glasses for men.

However, I'm less sure about the Selima Optique collection for CrewCuts. It seems a bit...tragic? unholy?...to be peddling designer sunglesses to kids.

And had I asked my parents for $80 aviators when I was 8, I'm pretty sure the answer wouldn't have been favorable.

So those are our initial thoughts- more to come, we're sure! What are your picks for fall from the new J. Crew catalog?

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