It's Always Thrifty in Philadelphia, Part II

It's Always Thrifty in Philadelphia, Part II

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As I mentioned last week, I had great success during an impromptu visit to a north Philly Goodwill a few weeks ago. In the midst of my thrifting euphoria, I decided to see if there was anywhere else nearby I might hit up before getting back on I-95. After a quick google maps search, I decided to hit up the Beehive Thrift Store. It's actually in two parts- the clothes/home items in this location:

And then furniture in The Beehive Too, which is directly across the street.

The Beehive Too had some great scores on furniture. At first I thought these bedside tables were way overpriced, then I realized the $250 was for an entire 6 piece set.

This gorgeous petite french chest was only $30. If my car hadn't already been full, I would have snapped it up! There was also a matching cabinet with doors.

I also thought this little loveseat would be lovely if reupholsterd in a fun fabric. I think it was only around $100. Perfect for a smaller space.

Over at the other Beehive store with the clothes and housewares, I loved this Asian chrome coffee table.

I was also oddly drawn to a rack of vintage rugs/textiles. I never usually look at stuff like this as it usually grosses me out, but the wool southwestern rug and the bright block print table cloth both caught my eye. I ended up buying both; the rug was $15 and the tablecloth was $3.50!

I'd been looking for a rug for my hallway forever, and this fit the space perfectly, not to mention being on-trend with all the southwestern motifs I'm seeing lately. It looks brand new.

By that time, between my Espana chest (the whole reason I'd gone to Philly in the first place!), and my Goodwill chandelier, lamp, and artwork, and then my table cloth and rug from the Beehive, my car was starting to resemble the Clampetts, so I figured it was time to get back on the road to DC. All in all, I'd say that Philly has some incredible thrifting opportunities- I can't wait to go back!

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