Ikea Hack: DIY "Brass" Sawhorse Desks

Ikea Hack: DIY "Brass" Sawhorse Desks

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MoS Charlotte and I have made no secret of our affinity for sawhorse desks. They're not only classic and chic, but when done with a glass top, they have the added bonus of not being too visually imposing in a room. And best of all, as we discovered, you can do them on the cheap. If this Williams Sonoma version is within your budget, then more power to you...

But if you're not looking to spend four digits on a desk, don't fret. We captured this look for less than you'd pay for shipping on the Williams Sonoma desk! Here's how.

First- get the glass. MoS Charlotte purchased her glass at Ikea- I believe for around $79. However, I purchased my beveled glass top on Craigslist for around $50- and for a beveled piece of glass, that's an absolute steal- much less than what you'd pay at a glass company. So, we'd recommend scouring Craigslist, but if you come up empty handed, then there's always Ikea to fall back on (though theirs isn't beveled). You may want to call around to local glass companies too (the more in the 'burbs they are, the cheaper they will be).

Second, source the legs. I wanted metal legs, so I selected the Vika Lerberg trestle from Ikea. $10/each, but I got the ugly red ones that were on sale for even less. Assembled, they look like this: 

MoS Charlotte selected the sawhorse Vika Lilleby legs for her desk.

Step three- as is the case with most of our favorite DIY projects, this one involves (metallic) spray paint. Get out your Krylon and go to town (I painted the legs before I assembled them. I think in hindsight, it might be easier to paint them after assembly). You can see the before and after with the red legs here. I used Krylon Metallic Gold. It actually gave the metal legs the exact look of brass. You could certainly use silver if you wanted a chrome look here.

Here's the finished product in my room. The desk provides a ton of workspace, but the glass top keeps the space unobtrusive. And my $5 Craigslist chair provides some whimsy.

No, I'm not exceptionally vain for putting a mirror in front of my desk...it's so I can see the TV that is situated on the other side of the room behind the desk!

And here's MoS Charlotte's finished project in her room. Even though she painted on wooden legs rather than metal, I think the result is equally impressive!

We love our sawhorse desks (and their mini pricetags). Any other ideas for DIY sawhorse desks that you've come up with?

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