High Street Mission: The Trenchcoat

High Street Mission: The Trenchcoat

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It's rather un-fashion blogger for me to say this, but I'm struggling to dress in this heat.  Ever since I've moved back to my childhood room, I've been living in a bit of a chaotic state with clothes and shoes everywhere and it's hard to even locate pieces, let alone work out what goes with what.  I miss the walk in wardrobe of my student house!  A further clearout is definitely needed as it will become even more impossible to store new additions, so I'm back to focusing on the one staple item I want to own whilst getting rid of anything unnecessary. Is it crazy to say that I do not possess a trench coat?  My Mum has a couple of vintage Burberry numbers that I'm rather envious of, but I want one to call my own.  I'm a major fan of transitional dressing and this style of outerwear occupies the space between a winter coat and lightweight jacket and looks equally as great with bare legs and boots or layered heavily.  I've gathered a few inspirational images and unlike the antique lace dress I've yet to find, I've placed an order for this Asos maxi length style in the sale.  I'm not sure if it'll be a bit too long for my 5'6-ish frame but am hoping for the best until I can stumble upon another vintage Burberry number.  What are your thoughts on trench coats?  I might look completely ridiculous in the one I've ordered and nothing like Cara Delevingne but I'm hoping for the best!

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