Fab or Fug: Man Spanx

Fab or Fug: Man Spanx

Style : Since February, I've been scratching my head over the introduction of Man Spanx. My primary question being, do men ACTUALLY wear these??

Here's a sample on Derek Zoolander, which seems kind of beside the point, since he's hardly the target Man Spanx consumer. Something tells me the results are not always this pectorally glorious.

The Spanx website claims: "Expect more from your undershirt! This true COTTON compression v-neck undershirt will forever change the way your favorite man looks and feels in his clothes. Soft, comfortable and powerful, this is the classic undershirt...redefined!"

And here are the magical before and after properties touted by Man Spanx. Which also happen to be the same results that occur from standing up straigher and sucking in one's stomach, no?

Spanx for Men may have only hit the market in February, but let's not forget that that fifteen years ago, Kramer brought us the original Man Spanx in the form of "the Bro." So how exactly can "the Bro" be dismissed as comedy, while Man Spanx actually end up being REAL? Larry David must be looking for his royalty check.

Tell us...honestly...what do you think of Man Spanx? Would you buy them for the man in your life, or would you tell him to spend that $58 on a gym membership? I guess you can see which way I'm leaning on this...but then again I've never worn women's Spanx so perhaps I'm simply not a convert. Am I missing something here?

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