Drawing Fashion

Drawing Fashion

Style : Niki Pilkington

I came across some illustrations by Niki Pilkington recently and was so impressed, I thought I'd stick them on here.  Not only does she have a fabulously quirky and vibrant style using simple materials to create masterpieces, but her work has been widely recognised and she's got plenty of commissions under her belt.  Pilkington is a true example that you create your own path in an Art & Design related career and has designed a range of bags, cards and prints which should be available to buy soon.  Originally from Wales, she uses proverbs from the language in her work adding an other-worldly edge.  Her style lends itself easily to fashion and I love the accurate representation of human features in contrast to the felt tip colour palette.  I hope to catch one of her exhibitions soon and see her work somewhere other than my computer screen.  Who are your favourite illustrators?

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