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Don't be Koi!

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When I first saw these red koi floor lamps that Celerie Kemble used in this House Beautiful room, I fell in love.  They are so unique and eyecatching, and they add fabulous Hollywood Regency or Chinoiserie style.

After seeing Celerie's lamps, I went on a mission to find a substitute.  I posted some time back about this koi pedestal that I had seen from afar at the Sleepy Poet.  He was WAAAY up high, and while I thought he was cute, I didn't purchase.  I kept thinking about him, though, wondering if he was a table base or giant candle holder or just a ceramic figurine.  On my most recent trip to Sleepy Poet, he was still there, so I climbed up on a stool and reached up on my tippy toes to bring him down.

As it turns out, this koi is a very large ceramic candle holder (about 17-inches tall).  With a little encouragement from MoS Washington, I decided to take him home and turn him into a lamp.  I got my husband to drill the holes while I held my ears and closed my eyes, so fearful that he would break into a million pieces.  Thankfully he stayed in one piece!  So using a lamp kit from Lowe's, I easily turned him into a lamp.

I am happy with the result.  He's not red like Celerie's lamps, but I think he is just right for my little desk.

Here, Eddie Ross uses a clear glass koi to add a hint of the Far East to this beautiful yellow and gray table.

This blue and white cachepot tones down the fish factor a bit and is beautiful when filled with gorgeous fuchsia flowers.

Meg Braff

If you want a koi of your own, check out eBay, Etsy, and antique shops.  Try searching for "vintage dolphin," "antique dolphin," "vintage koi," and "sea serpent" (scary, I know.....)

This vintage green glass lamp would be so pretty with a modern white shade.

Beautiful andirons are so hard to find, but these are simply amazing. 

This little brass dish is just the right size for holding keys, change, jewelry, or soap!

Take this coffee table out of its not-so-chic context, and it really could be beautiful.  We'd probably paint the base white!

Or how about its stylish cousin on 1st Dibs (for a much heftier pricetag of course)?

Shiny brass is the perfect pairing for vintage koi accessories like these candleholders.  Once again, put them in a different context (think KWID), and they will fit the bill!

eBay Baldwin Brass Candle Holders, $25 (take advantage of the seller's misspelling!)

I can't decide if this antique brass doorknocker is scary or cool...  It looks kind of scary.  I think I prefer a happier fish.

This blue glass candle holder has a vintage feel but would be a fabulous addition to a modern room.  It would really pop on an all-white table!  If only there were two...

So what do you think about adding a little koi to your home?

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