Dog Days in DC

Dog Days in DC

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Very excited that this weekend is the big MidCity Dog Days sale here in DC, meaning that some of my favorite home shops are offering great sales! 

First stop...GoodWood on U Street (near U & 14th) is having a sidewalk sale with up to 50% off. This store has really transformed itself in the last couple of years. It's a great collection of both vintage and new items for the home, from vintage furniture to candles to one-off items that you won't find anywhere else. Think a more authentic, bookish Anthropologie. The store is really well-styled and fun to browse! 

Next stop, Miss Pixie's, which is offering 20% off their entire inventory. I never tire of hitting up Miss Pixie's whether I'm looking for something specific or just browsing around. Last time I was there I spotted quite a few things I was dying to take home...and this lamp did actually come home with me. The small entry table it was sitting on was really gorgeous too.

 I'd been eyeing this pagoda shelf for months...I wonder if it's still around?

I actually got my current bamboo etagere at Miss Pixie's, and of course I was drooling when I saw they'd acquired another one. Darn my faux bamboo moratorium! 

Also, it's not just GoodWood and Miss Pixie's that are having Dog Days sales...a host of other businesses and restaurants in the area are also offering specials.

Have a great weekend, everyone...see ya at the Dog Days!

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