DIY Gold-Encrusted Agate Bookends

DIY Gold-Encrusted Agate Bookends

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I've told you before about my childhood love for the Nature Company, rock tumblers, and saving my allowance for a purchase at the Schiele Museum gift shop.  Generally speaking, however, these items don't really fit into my adult lifestyle.  But when I first saw these Eduardo Garza pink quartz bookends, it was love at first sight.  Then I saw the $875 price tag.  Truly, they are absolutely beautiful works of art.  But gosh, they are way out of my league.  Or are they?

I wanted to replicate the Garza bookends, but before actively seeking out some pink quartz, I decided to do a trial run on something I already owned.  A pair of purple agate bookends in my den would be perfect.  I bought them a few years ago for around $15.  They aren't too special, but I do like them.  They add a nice organic element to my bookshelf (and keep my inner rock collecting tendencies satisfied).

The purple inside the rock is pretty enough, but the brown "shell" around the outside of the bookend leaves a little something to be desired.

I bought some Liquid Leaf gold paint at Michaels.  It was very inexpensive- around $3 if I remember correctly (and you can always find a 40-50% off coupon online to print out and take with you to Michael's).

I did a test patch of the gold paint at first.  I wasn't sure if the porous rock would absorb it completely, but it seemed to work!

So I went to painting. 

It took a couple of coats to cover the rock, but it was really easy.

Ready to go!

Back on the bookshelf

What a nice change from the dull brown before!  I didn't mount it on a brass base like Garza, but that might be on my list when I locate some pink quartz. 

This is probably the easiest DIY project ever- definitely give it a shot.  The gold adds a welcome touch of glamour to my bookshelf!

Have a great weekend!

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