A Shiny, Diamond, Flying Clotheshorse?

A Shiny, Diamond, Flying Clotheshorse?

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It's interesting to see your home city from the perspective of a visitor.  For me, London is a collection of various towns tightly packed together, with a thriving hub in the centre.  It is where school/college trips were planned to museums and ended up in Topshop Oxford Circus. It is where I sampled excellent curry in Whitechapel and pretended to enjoy questionable heavy metal in Islington. It is a place where all of my memories are scattered around the numerous landmarks, shops, restaurants and even methods of transport with many more to come as I see the capital with fresher eyes.  The two newest honorary Londoners were Rebecca from The Clothes Horse (visiting for a few days) and Kylie from Nice and Shiny (working for several months) and a meet-up was swiftly planned thanks to both Winnie and Selina (frequent visitors representing Birmingham).

The cupcake during happier times...

Of course there had to be cupcakes, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion during Blogger meet-ups (though I did miss the Crumbs sizing slightly).  We met at South Kensington and headed to the Hummingbird Bakery to discuss blogging, life and style for a good few hours before realising that we had a vague itinerary planned.  No trip to South Kensington is complete without a browse of the exhibits at the Victoria and Albert Museum, another place which holds many memories, the best was  watching a Hardy Amies fashion show in one of the galleries.  Of course some photo-taking was in order, using the well known blogger guidelines.  Firstly, some individual outfit shots.

Cardigan- Kensie
Top - Splendid
Shorts - Espirit via Beacons Closet
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal
 Jewellery, bag - Brooklyn randomness

Note: This outfit consisted solely of New York purchases!  There's plenty more where that came from...

I loved Selina's bag

Winnie always works with patterns so well!

Rebecca was such a posing pro, Tyra would not be disappointed

Extra points for the 'I'm taking a picture of you, taking a picture of me' shot; meet Kylie

Ever wondered how many bloggers you can fit in a phone box?  It's four, by the way.

Oh, you were taking a picture of me?  I was just staring at the pretty flowers, but of course I'll oblige.

The world famous 'Wow-I've-just-realised-how-fascinating-my-shoes-are' pose.

Ever painted your nails on a train? It's not the best idea, but at least I could match the flowers.

I didn't take too many photos in the museum (partly due to a falling out with my ancient camera, I don't think it took too kindly to being replaced), but even if I did, I'd probably still be there now!  Being a fashion student, I tended to just mooch around the fashion and the odd special exhibition on previous visits, but this time we wandered to metalwork, architecture and even stumbled upon an intriguing theatre exhibition.  There was a section with old show posters (perhaps screen-printed), which I wouldn't mind adorning my walls.  I can't wait to go back and see what else is on.

I don't have any pictures of Topshop unfortunately, so you'll have to make do with leafy 'South Ken' instead.  Of course not all these photos are mine, you can probably tell (about seven to be exact), so I have to give credit to Kylie and Rebecca for the remainder.

Time soon sped up and it was onto the next destination and the destroyer of many overdrafts, Topshop Oxford Circus!  Unfortunately I had to leave after a quick glance at all the concessions, but afterwards I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after meeting such friendly and wonderful people (and being reunited with Winnie and Selina).  Although blogging is our primary shared interest, we had so many other areas to discuss and experiences to share, which I'm sure we'll continue through e-mails and tweets.  Until the next time...

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