First Sewing Project!

First Sewing Project!

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Butterick B4758
Fabric: Streaks Decorator Fabric In Chocolate
by Laurie Smith

Sheer determination! Not quite like riding a bicycle, but almost. The hardest part of the entire project was the trip to the fabric store. I walked in and my head started to spin because I had no idea where to start. First stop, the patterns table. Flipped through a couple of books, oooh and aaawd over several Vogue designer patterns that I would love make and finally settled on something simple that I wouldn't be able to screw up to bad. Once I learned to use my new machine and work the kinks out of my tension problems it was really simple. What would I do different next time? If you notice the side of the bag, I would pay more attention to detail by making sure that all of the stripes line up. Overall, for a first project in around 8 years, I'm pretty pleased. Maybe later this week, I'll try a simple skirt.

Oops! Almost forgot to show the cute tags I found at the fabric store.

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