Z Gallerie Bird Throw Blanket

Z Gallerie Bird Throw Blanket

Style : We've made no secret of our love for Z Gallerie in previous blog posts (as you can see here, here, and here, to name a few). It's a great go-to for affordable home decor that always has a chic edge- from bedding to home accessories to croc trays. I recently received a reversible Bird Throw blanket from Z Gallerie and am loving having it around my house.

It can be tough to find throw blankets that are good looking AND feel good to cuddle up with. Have you ever tried to louge around with an acrylic throw? NOT comfortable. But I'm loving the Bird Throw because it's a great medium-weight cotton knit that you can use year round. Totally soft and cozy. I put it on the foot of my bed to start with. The conrasting birds print has a very Anthropologie-esque look, doesn't it?

But now I'm trying it out downstairs on the couch. I think it will get LOTS of rotation when fall comes and I lounge around watching an afternoon football game.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you- it's reversible!

Nothing adds a fresh pop to a room like a new throw blanket, don't you agree?

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