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Blogger and I have a strange sort of relationship.  I am in love with its feeling of community and affinity with all that is Google.  I dislike its clumsy way of replying to comments, lack of freedom with creating posts and the weird formatting thing it does to my links page (ok maybe I am partially to blame).  Recently my eyes have wandered to Tumblr; it's not quite an affair but a definite flirtation.  As much as I love blogging here, I can't really churn out posts due to the general indecisiveness when I write.  My Tumblr allows me to catalogue all of my recent inspirations and keep the origins intact, it's not really a replacement for this blog but a welcome friend.  Similarly to the post where I made up my own Spring 2011 trends, here are some bits and bobs I've liked, reblogged and found myself.
I have provided links to the original blogs where I can, but have inevitably used Tumblr as a virtual middleman when finding and retaining these images.  Through subconsciously gathering what I like, I can now deduce that I'm obsessed with crazy layers, maxi-skirts, collars and random prints.  Lovely jubbly.

December Tumblr Archive
171 Tumblr posts in one month?  That'd be unheard of for me on Blogger!

I especially like the archive feature, where you can view all of your previous posts at a glance.  It seems that in December I was quite partial to baggy jumpers over skirts, vintage-style coats and yet again, more maxi skirts!  It'll be interesting to see how what I like changes throughout the year; what are your thoughts on making these sorts of posts a regularity?

denim shirt high waisted skirt
Where did this image come from originally?  I can only link the Tumblr I saw it on...  
Now I know it's from here, through the magic of comments...

I've definitely become a fan of this new platform and I love the way it's so easy to remember the sources with its bookmark button.  Unfortunately the origins of certain images can sometimes get lost,  which is a shame (I've started a Tumblr patrol for a few bloggers to keep an eye on things).  It can  become simply about the image, rather than the person behind it as they're taken so far from the original context.  I've tried to rectify this by visiting some of the blogs in question and have found some great new reads as a result but unfortunately when pictures aren't credited properly, the image is just one of many floating around the internet.

Have you stepped over to the other side yet?  Did you step right back into the Blogger (or even Wordpress) garden?  Ultimately I am using Tumblr as an addition to this blog and the two will never really become blurred,  as still I do love to waffle on a bit here but not over there.  I now have two, the first being a general fashion-related scrapbook and the second for knitwear inspiration and there's no doubt I will turn to them once Uni work becomes more stressful. Link me your Tumblrs if you have them and let me know why you love (or even hate) them!

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