Some thoughts about blogging...and things we *like*

Some thoughts about blogging...and things we *like*

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We've noticed there's been a little bit of dramaz going on in the shelter blogosphere lately- apparently some readers and bloggers have been drinking the haterade and it's ruffled a few feathers. Including ours, to be honest. We don't want to step too much into the fray- we're no Pollyannas - a little snark is fun now and then (and hey, we're still standing by our disdain of Pottery Barn clothespins).

But on the other hand, we absolutely recognize that it's a *lot* easier to play armchair quarterback behind a computer screen than to go out there and design a room. It takes days, weeks, months to put together a room from scratch. Piles of fabric and wallpaper swatches, walls splotched with paint samples, endless measuring, trolling the furniture stores, making sure the greens don't clash, finding accessories, calming bezerk clients- I'm tired just typing it. Hours and hours of hard work and labor...not to mention lots of someone's hard-earned money...and then it takes exactly 2 seconds for a blogger to tear it apart. To declare some accessory or fabric as "over." Ouch.

Shelter bloggers and readers are an oversaturated bunch- we're constantly seeing the same images, the same products, the same designers, the same "big thing"- popping up at various times on various blogs. I'd like to conduct a pseudo-scientific experiment one day and ask 10 people on the street if they'd ever heard of Imperial Trellis or Chaing Mai Dragon. Chances are, I'd be met with quizzical stares from 9 out of 10 of them. It's a concentrated world, this blogosphere. And I think sometimes we lose sight of that. What to us is yesterday's news is often just hitting everyone else. There can't be a "next big thing" every week. Sometimes, we just have to be content to admire what's out there for a while.

In keeping with the spirit of admiration, here are a few of our personal *likes* on this lovely Wednesday. Maybe you've seen these pictures before, but rather than simply moving onto the next blog, we'd suggest taking a minute to look again - carefully- and think about the layers of the room rather than just a quick glance. Think about all of the descisions, big and little, that went into the room. Maybe that's what we all need to start doing (ourselves included!) to cure our blog-induced design comas. Feel free to weigh in if you have any comments.

Animal prints done right

When they are right, they are very, very right!

photo via I Suwanee

Brass Etageres

Forget diamonds- brass is forever!

via Decorpad

A well-set table

Maybe it sounds silly, but setting a table like this is a true art.

David Jiminez

Creative uses for silver 

Put your silver to work- don't leave it sitting on a dusty shelf!

Country Living

Eclectic Art

It just brings that cool-factor to a room, and is an automatic cure for stuffyness.

Ellen Rakieten via Elle Decor

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