shoes of 2009: pair 1

shoes of 2009: pair 1

Style : One of my New Years Resolutions is to expand my shoe collection, to that of Susie Bubble proportions, which is tricky due to my schizo, wide size 8 feet and skinny ankles. Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a mission, and I can almost never find my size in sales except in the wonderful Aldo. This is the third pair of boots I've managed to find in the sale, and I think they fit well, plus they were £30. This means that the amount I had in the shoe fund for the Office patent pair, can now supplement the clothes fund (which is obsessed with stripes at the moment).

And yay, my camera works again! I thought that after accidentally posting it to Casio 2nd class wrapped up in kitchen roll in a jiffy bag, it would never be seen again, but lo and behold it has resurfaced and works better than ever. I think I may need to invest in a tripod though, as my self-timer skills are somewhat lacking. It'll be perfect for taking lots of pictures in Florence. Now I need to hoover my floor...

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