Style : So like nine zillion other women in America, I went to see The Help a couple weeks ago. And certainly I'm not the only one who left with a hankering for cat eye glasses! Emma Stone rocked this movie...and these glasses!

I am loving this throwback silhouette...

Ok maybe not this much of a throwback!

A ton of designers have cat eyes for fall. Dior Dior does this great oversized pair.

I've been digging the J Crew Selma Optique collection for a while (but not the prices, yikes.)

I'm curious to try these Ray Ban Clubmaster Cat glasses...a spinoff of the club master style, which I already love.

Anyhow, it's an exciting week around here because tomorrow I am off to Austin for ACL! So let's keep our fingers crossed for cool weather, breakfast tacos, and lots of good tunes. See ya next week!

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