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Sometimes it really comes in handy having a co-blogger best friend who likes the same things I like.  We wear different sizes, so she'll mail me an adorable Tory Burch top she has found for a song that's just my size, or I will send her a vintage lounging dress that looks like it's straight off the set of Auntie Mame.  I generally know if she is on the hunt for a certain piece of furniture, and she keeps her eyes open for that chic accessory to complete my room.  Or sometimes, we just find something fantastic that we can't use in our own home, but we know would be perfect in the other's home.

That's exactly what happened with a bar cart and a luggage rack.  We traded.  I found the brass faux bamboo bar cart and knew I didn't need to add to my quickly growing collection of bar carts.  But MoS Washington was looking for a bar cart that was just the right size for the little wall outside her kitchen.

So the bar cart headed north to Washington.  Didn't she do an amazing job styling it?  So glamorous!

I had forever been saying I wanted a luggage rack for my guest room.  Sure, I had something boring and wooden in mind...  Lo and behold what MoS Washington found for me in Florida.  It's a luggage rack.  Of the lucite variety. 

So the luggage rack headed south to Charlotte.  And upon receipt I decided it was much too fabulous to hide in my guest room.

So it has a prominent place in my closet and makes me happy every single day!

The funny part is that we paid nearly EXACTLY the same amount for the two pieces.  What a perfect swap!

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