Pumpkin and Spice Inspiration Board

Pumpkin and Spice Inspiration Board

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Recently, I was challenged to create a fall inspiration board based upon "pumpkin and spice."  Admittedly, this combination is a little outside my comfort zone.  Perhaps it's a fear of the all too common model-home-tuscan-faux-finish-splendor, or maybe I am just too accustomed to immediately pairing orange with navy and white.  But once I began working on the inspiration board, I overcame my fear of orange and brown and ultimately came up with a scheme that I would love to use in my own home.

Herend Chinese Bouquet in Rust was my starting point for the board.  It's a timeless pattern that so many of us enjoy year-round, and its warm orange flowers make it especially perfect for fall. 

It may seem crazy to build an entire room around one little bowl, but that is just what I did.  From the cachepot, I then selected a simple brown linen sofa with elegant lines.  I used some of my favorite Quadrille fabrics to add more color and pattern.  Then I used a seagrass rug for texture and a casual feel.  Brass tables and lamps add warmth, and a chocolate brown throw is so cozy for fall.  The resin antlers add a modern element, and the cheetah pillow introduces a touch of playfulness.

And the finished board:

Here is how I imagine using the fabrics:

- Orange toile for a pair of armchairs

- Orange and white trellis fabric for curtains (pleated panels)

- Brown and white zig zag for a large tufted ottoman

And the elements:

So what do you think?  Will you give pumpkin and spice another chance?

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