Pressies, sales (and a few other details)

Pressies, sales (and a few other details)

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Christmas may be all but a distant memory to some but due to monetary gifts and the wonders of internet shopping, it's only now that I've managed to meet some of my presents.   Inevitably I spent some of the money on less exciting things like pre-pay Oyster top ups and bottles of Volvic, so it's slightly blurred as to whether these items were from others or just presents to myself.  A few of the more definite gifts were these books my Mum treated me to; as a fellow fashion obsessive, she understood my need to have them.

kenzo book

kenzo pop up book

The Kenzo book was the one I was the most excited to receive, after only having a quick flick through in the V&A shop.  I love how tactile the book is, with pages which fold out and pop up and I can't wait to have a more in depth look once my dissertation wiring is over.  Also looking forward to finally reading Luella's Guide to English Style and Influence for obvious reasons.

tom brown leather satchel

I also finally bought myself this leather satchel, which I guess you could say was mostly funded by my Aunt.  As I ordered it a few days after Christmas, I assumed it would take a while to come and had it sent to my Uni address.  Little did I know that it would arrive a day later and there would be some sort of Royal Mail Redelivery rigmarole to finally get it in my hands last weekend.  It's exactly what I'd hoped for (you can see I've been loving it for a while as it's in my background) and is the exact same design as the Cambridge satchels, which sell for around £20 more!  I hope they bring more colours and designs out, as I quite fancy the navy.

topshop antler ring

Now onto the sale buys.  My only offline sale purchase was this hugely impractical antler ring from Topshop, which fills passers by with fear.  

selfridges delivery box

yellow polka dotted box

nine west vintage america shoes
Thanks to Miss Rocks for the photo

I never expected to ever be able to order anything from the Selfridges website but lo and behold I managed to spot these Nine West shoes for the lowly sum of £19!  I loved the vague creeper relation and vital heel height to keep the illusion going and the fact they arrived perfectly scruffed up.  I don't normally like paying for postage but in this case, you get your money's worth.  I wasn't expecting the bright burst of yellow as I opened the box and the crazy amount of tissue paper, but the packaging  almost excited me as much as the shoes themselves.  I wore these heels to the Next event and they were really comfortable, though a little big for me.  Insoles at the ready.

asos lace maxi dress

You might have guessed that Asos would feature quite heavily in my sale buying.  I think the allure of free delivery and returns makes me never think twice about placing an order and I even have a dedicated 'Go in the sale' bookmarks folder to keep track of when things go down.  I'd been coveting this lace dress for a while and actually ended up ordering it 4 times as it went down further to £23.  The first time I tried it on was disheartening, as I'd just eaten a massive Nandos feast and there's no zip enclosure but a few days later I braved the bigger size and found it pulled on a lot more easily.  I guess this shows that you should always buy the right size and not take the label to heart.  I can't wait to wear this in summer, chucked over a bandeau and bike shorts but for now, tights and a long vest will have to do.

holly fulton asos leggings

holly fulton for asos leggings

As a massive Holly Fulton fan, I was pleased to see some of her designs in the sale (though maybe Holly wouldn't see it that way) and ordered the shoulder pad dress and these printed leggings.  Unfortunately I didn't really like the dress on me but my Mum happened to pop in my room and snap it up, so at least it's within the household if I ever change my mind.  I kept the leggings as they seemed more up my street.
h and m brown trilby hat

Somehow I'd avoided going into an H&M store for about 3 months, until about a week ago.  My friend gave me the knowing look as we headed in, and I kept thinking to myself 'You're doing really well' as I walked past everything.  That was until I saw this hat.  I've being trying to search for a hat to fit my gigantic head for a while, so was pleased to discover that H&M doesn't assume all women have the same sized heads and actually stocks them in small, medium and large.  It's also 100% wool so an unexpected sort of quality for £7.99.  Have you seen much in H&M recently?  Somehow they've tracked me down and sent me a catalogue, though I'm not quite sure how...

topshop longline bra

I thought I'd include this purchase as I intend to wear it as a top, but I'm pleased I finally managed to find a bralet in my size. Now I'm not really a massive fan of cleavage but I really love the construction of these sorts of things, and think that the juxtaposition with a high-waisted maxi skirt (and possibly a sheer shirt over the top) will possibly make me feel a lot more comfortable.  I have an outfit in mind but will have to wait until it's a lot warmer to try it out...

red tops topshop american apparel

I'm also still loving the cranberry hue at the moment, and went for a brighter version in the scalloped Topshop top and a more earthy tone in the American Apparel peter-pan shape.  The AA number is a result of the Groupon deal they did inconveniently before Christmas, which I somehow couldn't resist!

I think my 'shopping ban' will have to start in February, as it's all gone out the window this month!  It's tricky as I want to try and go for quality over quantity this year, but somehow I still end up browsing Asos and Topshop at all kinds of crazy hours of the day. I don't really want to enforce a limit but I do need to sort out my spending and start saving for a new camera (plus the very scary graduate collection I have to knit).  What are your shopping thoughts of the moment, have you been buying much recently or nothing at all?

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