Outfits of (the) Fashion Week

Outfits of (the) Fashion Week

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Remember outfits of the week?  Well I wouldn't really wouldn't blame you if you couldn't as the last post was back in June, but when I realised fashion week was coming up, I thought I'd better figure out some decent looks pretty sharpish to kick-start the daily photo taking once more.  The thing about fashion week, is that you will see a lot of people who look like the Satorialist RSS Feed bringing on huge amounts of wardrobe envy at 30 minute intervals.  Maybe they have better jobs than you, maybe they're sample sale addicts but no amount of wishing or emulation is going to make you dress like them.  Your style is something so innate that, although it can change throughout time, there will always be things that may suit other people's personalities better than your own.  They will always have their own ideas on how to put things together and it's fine to take general inspiration, but it's nigh on impossible to put items together in the way that they do. What I've learnt is to appreciate the style of others and absorb the different ways of dressing whilst developing my own style and playing around with new combinations.  I like to think that any risks I take have a distinct Kristabel twist and I'm happy with that.  Anyways my theory for Fashion Week dressing was to exaggerate my own style slightly and build my looks around a certain key piece and to mix my selection of high street, vintage (and vague designer) to the max.

Day 1 - Friday
Blazer - Vintage Joyce Ridings via Mum
Skirt - Courtesy of Rare
Tights - Uniqlo
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag - Luella
Necklaces - Gogo Phillip and DIY
Bracelet - Random NYC

Only Fashion Week would start on a Friday, messing up my body clock and sense of normality in the process, but I decided to brave the cobbles in my 'most comfortable' heels and Mum's draped blazer.  Of course the schizophrenic weather didn't disappoint and I soon felt pretty hot in my ensemble though tried not disrobe for reasons of pure vanity.  I also decided to bring my Luella bag as a sort of lucky charm in the hope that a magnificent SS11 collection would suddenly appear on the schedule.  I still live in hope, though in reality her book 'Luella's Guide to English Style' is out very soon.

 Day 2 - Saturday
Shirt - Yard Sale
Belt - Angels Sale
Shorts - Beacons Closet
Lace tights, socks, bracelet - Topshop
Brogues - Office
Necklaces - Random Brooklyn
Bag - Luella

I've pretty much worn everything from the yard sale now, but I was still trying to figure out how to style the wraparound shirt.  It's a tricky one, I wanted it to stay bare underneath but couldn't for support reasons, so with some creative foundations sorted I decided to tuck it into my shorts.  I felt it didn't photograph very well (I might try it over a body-con dress next time) but I thought I'd include the picture anyway.  Also meet the new brogues from Office, perfectly mannish and nicely broken in.  Very dangerous that they come in thirteen different colours...

Day 3 - Sunday
Silk Shirt - Charity Shop
Blazer - Vintage via Mum
Shorts - Courtesy of Very
Tights, socks - Topshop
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedges (bought here)
Bag - Luella
Back in the heels, how I never learn!  Luckily I had some flats to make it to the Charlie le Mindu Show just in time (that I need to write about, though that's another story for another day) and changed into the Jeffrey Campbells in time for Mulberry.  Everyone kept confusing them for the Acne Atacoma wedges and they got some impressed looks in the Newgen sheds.  The silk shirt was found in a charity shop during one of my rare visits for £4 and is wonderfully baggy.  I wasn't too sure about the colour at first and took a definite risk, but for that price it didn't really matter and looks remarkably similar to this Topshop number.

Day 4 - Monday
Top, Mesh Skirt, Bracelet, socks - Topshop
Necklaces - Gogo Phllip, DIY, Random NYC
Lace trim shorts, sunnies - H&M
Boots - Ebay
Bag - Brooklyn Flea (bought here)

Decided to forget the layers and embrace the sun with a lighter bag and attitude, though I was almost late for the Mark Fast show and had to leg it over Waterloo Bridge in this mesh pencil skirt.  It seems that during Fashion Week one must be surprisingly active, running from place to place and standing for long periods of time (all in innapropriate dress) which definitely takes some stamina.  Vitamins and fruit are definitely needed for next year and we're thinking about shelling out for a bloggers cab to avoid our blistered feet.

Last two photos belong to Miss Rocks, ta very much

Day 5  - Tuesday
Cardigan - Courtesy of Next
Top, Hat - Yard Sale
Shorts - Uniqlo
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Bag - Brooklyn Flea
Necklaces - Brooklyn Charm, Brooklyn Flea and more Brooklyn
OTK socks - Primark
Brogues - Office

For the last day it was all about comfort on a nice sunny day.  I wasn't quite brave enough for bare legs so turned to my trusted Primark over-the-knee socks that come in a bargainous pack of two.  Later on I  went to Beyond the Valley avec Jazmine and swapped my chipped nail polish for some Eley Kishimoto style Wah Nails. Nail artist Sophie ran out of the black nail art pen, so we decided to go for purple on the/my left hand, which I preferred in the end, as I'm an unmatchy sort of person. She also did a really cool ripped tights style design for another lady, see the video here.

A special thanks to everyone who helped to take my outfit photos!  Luckily as bloggers we all understand each others needs to have a photo we're happy with in the perfect setting, hence a few multiples and close-ups.  Jen, Reena, Jazmine, Winnie were willing photographers and subjects but that's a story for another post; I still have more shows to write up so it's more like London Fashion Fortnight!  I don't want to let go!

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