Louise Gray vs Craig Lawrence

Louise Gray vs Craig Lawrence

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The title I've given this post is somewhat misleading, as there is in no way a battle between the designers involved but rather a lack of title inspiration.   I was also unsure about whether to write about shows individually for fear of some serious spamming, or to group them together (and I really hate rushing my posts) so I'm just trying to prioritise and write-up my favourites first.  I'm not exactly a 'breaking news' kind of blogger but would rather give my true perspective on events, so please bear with me.  I will also be covering the whole 'blogger socialising element' of the week and detailing my daily outfits, which might be more up your street.  Saturday was a busy day, I managed to make it into Louise Gray's first solo catwalk  show in the nick of time and due to the frenzy, I didn't manage to take any decent pictures.  This gave me a bit more time to concentrate on the clothes themselves; the models were rather fast but I did  catch some shift dresses with contrasting fabrics on each panel and some lovely knotted tapered trousers.

I managed to pop by the Newgen stand to get a closer look at certain items and to see all the intricacies that can't really been seen from the catwalk.  It is only then that you can get a true idea at the amount of work that has gone into making the garments; sure there are layers full of packing peanuts and the like but also lots of ancient techniques used such as devore (creating a sun bleached look) and Indian mirror work held in place with vivid stitching.  On the catwalk it is styled in a way that is very Louise Gray, but individually the pieces are fun and a welcome distraction from the more muted pieces on offer.  I was a particular fan of the whole DIY element, in particular the knotted pieces of fabric  that formed the scarves on the catwalk (which you can seen in better detail here). 


Next was the Craig Lawrence presentation, set in the sunny Portico rooms back at Somerset House.  Models would come at out random intervals in his creations whilst Bloody Marys were being served on the balcony of which I did not indulge (tomato juice freaks me out).  Beverages aside, I always remember Lawrence's work due to the unusual materials he knits (Scoubidou's and red tape have previously been targeted) and this hasn't changed too much.  I liked the slightly distressed and delicate nature of the dresses and the volume he's managed to create.  Knitwear is normally rather perfect and symmetrical so it's nice to see the idea turned on it's head.

Craig Lawrence with one of his models

Have you been following the goings on at London Fashion Week?  It's amazing to see how the various designers develop each season and what might inform the trends of the future.  If you want more up-to-the minute goings on, follow me on twitter!

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