The Leggings Project, Part 1

The Leggings Project, Part 1

Style : I was hoping to write a super positive post, due it being my driving test yesterday but unfortunately I failed! It was pretty much down to being hesitant, not something I've had a problem with before, but I guess my indecisive personality took over. I've been a bit annoyed with myself for the past 24 hours, but luckily have managed to get a cancellation for a lot sooner than I thought. So I hope to have some better news eventually...

Slightly dodgy picture I know, had to crop the face out because it does occasionally slip into the 'I failed my driving test' expression

I decided to channel this frustration into making some leggings. You might know I'm obsessed with them and due to forking out for more driving lessons, I need to get started on the DIYs. So I took out my basic block I made a few weeks ago, and made the simplest legwear with some random jersey fabric I had hanging around. Close up, they are seriously dodgy as I'm not the neatest of manufacturers, but as I've being saying throughout my degree, 'It's only a toile!' I pretty much had to figure out how to make them as I went along, and haphazardly hacked a bit off the rise as they were of Simon Cowell proportions (therefore affecting the waistband width, oops), but now I know better for next time, and will definitely try to be more accurate.

This is the neatest corner of my room where I could take a picture, I live in utter chaos.

Here is the wonderful machine that made this all possible. I ordered it from a random site a few weeks ago (after a few issues, involving a faulty overlocker sitting by my front door for about a week, much to the bemusement of my father) and was pleasantly surprised that it all came threaded up. It was relatively straightforward to use, and should take a variety of fabrics with a few adjustments, and be very useful for the somewhat distant final year. Hopefully this will be the start of many new pairs; I'd love to make some in velvet, or something reminiscent of these Black Milk pairs. I do have some fabric floating around that would probably make something more suited for Mr Motivator, but I'll try it anyway.

I'm excited for London fashion week! I wasn't the most organised blogger, so don't have a stack of invites like some of the peeps from across the pond (Rodarte, jealous, much) but I should have a few things to go to and some familiar Twitterers to see!

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