Lace Dress - Part 1

Lace Dress - Part 1

Style : Today, I am embarking on the adventure of crocheting the Lily Chin Lace Dress from Interweave Knits Crochet 2004. I have read over the instructions so far and there don't appear to be any type of difficult stitches, just the basics: sc, dc and sl st.

The problem is that I have been on a shrug roll for so long, crocheting projects that take about a day or so to complete, I'm afraid I will get bored with this and put it down. I have been wanting to do this dress since I first received this magazine this spring. I completed a lot of projects I had going and left only two on the backburner so that I could devote all of my "hook" time to this one.

I haven't crocheted with thread this small in so long, I feel like I'm making a doilie! The biggest problem I've had so far was working the foundation row, I almost needed a magnifying glass just to see the stitches. Once I got passed that it appears to be smooth sailing, but I am just on the bodice.

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