The Jewelry Dilemma

The Jewelry Dilemma

Style : It's one dilemma I just can't seem to solve and I know I'm not the only to best store jewelry so that it's organized, accessible, and secure. I'm a visual person and if certain jewelry goes out of sight it goes out of mind. So I like to be able to see everything in front of me.

One great approach that I love is Lauren Santo Domingo's, below. I love how when everything is compartmentalized and organized, but easily accessible.

The tea cup storage solution is gorgeous...but I don't know if this is a practical solution for lots of jewelry since the cups take up a good deal of space.

This is a great way of showing off some key pieces.

I love this one for chunky costume necklaces

More compartmentalization. For some reason I'm really drawn to organization.

My dream...multiple drawers just for jewelry...perfect!

I've emptied out a dresser drawer and invested in some acrylic divided trays from the container store...hopefully it's the solution I'm looking for...we'll see. Do you have any jewelry storage tips???

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