i'm so tired i'm not moving

i'm so tired i'm not moving

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So I've finally applied for a placement for third year, after much stress and tweaking of Illustrated CV's on Photoshop. I've gone for one in New York, which I've partly chosen for the location and Gossip Girl stalking possibilities, but also for it's varied role including anything from creating trend boards to sourcing buttons. There is also a really cool sounding design placement in Hong Kong which I'm considering, I love the place, but the combination of these two jobs could mean being away from my beloved Britain for 12 whole months. Not sure what I think about that.

finally wore my zac posen for wolford tights!

I've got a lot of work on at the moment, resulting in me being in Uni for 12 consecutive days (yes, even weekends) so I'm glad for our trip to Florence next week (through Uni). Hopefully I'll have lots of inspiring pictures from the Pitti Filati trade show and clothes from the Balenciaga and Prada outlets (by clothes, I mean whatever I can afford, perhaps a sock). Has anyone ever been before? Not sure about how far my money will go due to the awful rate, but I will try stuff on nonetheless.

Lot's of bloggers have been lusting after the new Topshop Spring collection, and it's not hard to see why. The trends have elements of 80s fun and brashness, with mixed up styles and leggings in every colour and print imaginable, definitely more exciting than recessionista clothing. Uniform is coming up soon, and although the discount is somewhat reduced, I'm hoping to pick myself up some of these treats; leggings, heeled brogues, full skirts and bustiers, reminding me of films like Heathers and even a bit of Clueless. I never thought the 90s was a stylish decade, but now I'm starting to see it's playfulness in fashion today.

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