I Need a Peaceful Place

I Need a Peaceful Place

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I need a peaceful place like the room pictured above.  This weekend was far from peaceful for my family.  It started out great, but everything changed Saturday evening.  Our beloved English Setter, Biscuit, bit our little boy.  He is okay and thankfully didn't need stitches (and thankfully the bite was on the back of his ear and not his eye or face), but it forced us to make some very difficult decisions.   

Biscuit is the farthest thing from a malicious dog you'll ever find.  But she suffers from painful hip dysplasia, which we have been treating for years.  We have to be very careful with her legs and hips, and in that split second that we turned our backs on Saturday, our little boy, wanting to play, grabbed her back legs and she reacted. 

After a sleepless night weighing the options followed by a tearful goodbye on Sunday, Biscuit left to go live with family in South Carolina.  She will be happy there.  There won't be little children there to bother her legs, and she'll be able to swim every day, which is really good for her hips.  We aren't sure if this will be permanent or temporary while we look for the right new home for her.  She is such a sweet, loving dog, but now we know she isn't the right dog for a family with small children who can't understand not to play with her when her legs are hurting. 

My heart is so heavy, because she was such a big part of our family.  "Biscuit" was our little boy's first word.  He asks for her first thing when he wakes up in the morning, even today.  He adores her more than words can express, and it is heartbreaking to try to tell him that his best friend isn't going to live with our family anymore.  But at the end of the day, the safety and well-being of our children have to come first. 

I need a peaceful place...  Maybe I'm due to add some gray to my home after all.

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