I Love a Snow Day!

I Love a Snow Day!

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This morning we awoke to a winter wonderland!  This is the first non-weekend, non-holiday snow day we've had in a long time!  And it's still snowing!  Charlotte is on schedule to have one of its biggest snowfalls in years!

Calories don't count on snow days, right?  For breakfast, I'll be trading the Kashi for a stack of pancakes.

Instead jumping into my car to head to the office, my only mode of transportation today will be a sled:

I'll be trading in my usual black patent flats for some toasty boots:

Instead of the usual JCrew Double-cloth Lady coat, I'll be keeping warm with this:

No jewelry or manicures are necessary when you can keep your fingers warm with turquoise fleece gloves!

MoS Washington gave baby boy this monkey hat and gloves for Christmas, and he will definitely be wearing them today!

Instead of a computer screen, I'll be looking at something like this:

I love a snow day!  Are you having a snow day today?

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