Hooray for Bobbi

Hooray for Bobbi

Style : I'm by no means a cosmetics junkie (I am way too cheap for that!), but there is one product I'm quite obsessed with and that's lipstick. I think it's genetic...my mom, my grandmother and I would all never think of leaving home without our lipstick. It just isn't done.

I'm really more into a heavy gloss than a matte lipstick, and the one that I've always kept coming back to isBobbi Brown. My longstanding gripe with Bobbi, though, was that for the money ($22) you got barely any product...I've gotten makeup samples bigger than their regular size! Also, most of the lip glosses came with one of those annoying brush applicators that always get gunky and don't apply cleanly.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into Blue Mercury the other day and noticed that not only have Bobbi lip glosses nearly doubled in size (for only $1 more), but they now all come with the sponge tip wand. Hooray! (hey, it's the little things, right?).

I would also note to any other lip gloss aficionados out there that I'm also quite partial to MAC lip glass...the price is right ($14.50) and I like the texture...it stays on well without being sticky.

Anyone else have any good lipstick/lipgloss recommendations? I feel like I've tried them all at some point, but I'm always all ears!

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